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" It seems the sun and moon rise and fall from the bosom of the sea; And the stars in the Milky Way spring from the bosom of the sea". At the beginning of the New Year, in the drums of high quality

" It seems the sun and moon rise and fall from the bosom of the sea;  And the stars in the Milky Way spring from the bosom of the sea".  At the beginning of the New Year, in the drums of high quality development, Tingjiang people act immediately and press the "start button" of the new project, they embark on a new journey high-spirited and vigorous as strivers.  

The horn of development has sounded, and a new journey is under our feet.  The future belongs to the striver, belongs to the dream pursuers whom seize the day and never lose the time.  

In 2021, when the global economy goes down, Tingjiang New Material goes up against the trend, achieving double-digit growth in sales and the profits increase more quickly, both reached the best level in our history.  We continue to promote chrome free tanning project, and had made great progress, it help us become the first choice of the large customers;  Promote the implementation of feed additives project, and we increased tara planting, it is a good start for strategic layout of tara upstream and downstream industrial chain integration.  


The determination derived from development is the result of hard work.  

If we work hard, spring comes early, and we should try our best to catch up with autumn fruits.  In 2022, Tingjiang will celebrate its 40th anniversary.  The goal has been locked, the third workshop will complete the project technical transformation, the new project will be put into production, our superior products such as chrome free tanning and waterproof oil series will be further promoted.  There is no turning back, and we still face the uncertainties and major challenges of COVID-19 and economic downturn on our way forward. As long as our Tingjiang people stick to our goals and work together, we will successfully complete the target tasks in 2022 and present a generous gift for the 40th anniversary of Tingjiang.  


As New Year begins, everything looks new.  In the New Year, Tingjiang people will start a new journey with a new aspect.  On the occasion of new starting of our factory, the oncoming is the busy scene of strivers while walking into the Pavilion.  At the workshop, Tingjiang people are all full of spirit, the site production is orderly;  At the site, the work is in full swing, and the construction is tension and orderly;  At the office building, our people are very passionate and motivated.  These are the good beginnings and foreboding a auspiciousness and beauty. 


At the construction site of the company's feed additive project for deep processing of natural raw materials, high-rise buildings are rising up and the project is progressing smoothly.  The project has a total of nine single buildings, including three main workshops. Currently, the construction of the main structure of the fourth workshop which has three floors has been completed, the construction of the second floor of the fifth and sixth workshops has been completed, and the foundation construction of the remaining 6 single buildings has been completed.  The three main workshops are expected to complete the construction of the main structure before March 15th and begin the equipment installation stage.  The power distribution room, control room and fire pump room will be completed before May 15th and equipment installation stage will begin after that. The remaining buildings will be completed on June 30 to ensure smooth operation of the project as scheduled.  



In 2021, in order to ensure the output of the feed additive project with deep processing of natural raw materials, realize sustainable development and implement the integrated development strategy of tara Industry chain of Tara Business Division, Tingjiang and its Italian partner had jointly invested to purchase 150 hectares of land near Ica 1 Tara plantation and establish ICA 2 Tara plantation.  Thanks to the efforts of the Tara planting team of the Peruvian joint venture company, the planting of all tara saplings has been completed as scheduled by the end of 2021.  Now more than 200,000 Tara saplings are thriving, some of them have blossomed and borne fruit.  In ICA 1 tara plantation, the harvest season can get more than 2000 tons of high quality tara pods.  The supply of natural raw materials for the project is fully guaranteed.  

The future belongs to those who struggles, success favors those who oppose with the difficulty.  Good luck to Tingjiang’s new start, Tingjiang ‘s future is promising.  


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