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On october 12,2021,  second level inspector of Deyang city ,Zhang Xinghong, first level  researcher of Deyang government, station-master of Deyang committee "Two-New" organization working committee party construction guidance station, Peng Yong led 33 persons from Deyang newly hired party construction instructor to our company to survey company party construction work, Committee of Shifang City and organization Department minister, Luo Tao accompanied the investigation.  Huang Liangying, secretary of our Party Committee and deputy general manager of our company, introduced the healthy development of the enterprise led by the Party construction. 

Investigating group visited publicity column which mix the enterprise culture and party construction, workshop Party member demonstration post and party activities position. Combine with the visit spots, Huang Liangying introduced the development history of our company, the healthy development situation which led by our party, how to give full play to our role as the battle fortress during the previous reforms and while natural disasters occurred, party member's exemplary and vanguard role in our enterprise,  and the backbone role of party members in our company during the visit.  Zhang Xinghong also made inquiries about the study and education of party history in our company, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party, and the "Party group meetings" of the Party organization.  

Through the visit, exchange and understanding of the site situation, the research team believes that the investigation is very fruitful and very enlightened.  TingJiang still insist on strengthening the party leading the enterprise development from state-owned enterprise restructuring, , and connect with the production and operation of an enterprise party construction activities,  integrate the enterprise culture and party construction work, characteristics distinctive, Highlight outstanding, truly managed to lead the enterprise development by Party construction, and fully shows the non-public enterprise party organizations’ cohesion and appeal.  Zhang Xinghong hopes that the party committee of Tingjiang will broaden its vision and strengthen its study on the basis of establishing a "four-star" Party organization, so as to make the party building work of Tingjiang to a higher level and strive to become an advanced party organization of provincial non-public enterprises.  

The research activity is fully affirmation and encouragement to Tingjiang’s party construction work, our company party committee will take this research activity as an opportunity to continue to strengthen party construction, improving the quality of the party organization construction, giving full play to the good party power enterprise management to contribute to TingJiang’s development.  

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