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Read again after a hundred battles

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We are in an era of rapid development. Fast, is the characteristic of the times, high-speed rail, 5G, express delivery, fast food, iteration... Knowledge updates quickly is also the characteristics

We are in an era of rapid development.  Fast, is the characteristic of the times, high-speed rail, 5G, express delivery, fast food, iteration...  Knowledge updates quickly is also the characteristics of the Times.  


How to keep up with the development of the Times or how to seize the opportunity is a problem that every organization and person who does not want to be left behind need to think about, and learning to keep up with the Times is the most effective way.  



Our company has been trying to build learning organizations for years.  From the chairman to the general manager, they take the lead in reading and learning, create a good atmosphere of organizational learning, recommend good books to cadres, and present reading cards and "Lean Startup", "Glorious Course", "Empowerment", "Structural thinking", "Partner"... etc.  In addition, employees are encouraged to publish their learning experience in our company's monthly electronic "The Voice of Ting Jiang" and wechat official account, and hold reading sharing meetings irregularly to share their learning experience with colleagues, so as to clash with each other and inspire their thinking.  





On July 10, a half-day reading sharing meeting was specially arranged during our half-year meeting of our company.  


This is the book "Lean Startup", written by (Mei) Rice, is a guide to entrepreneurship methodology, once regarded as the IT industry startup bible.  The core idea of this book can be summarized as: small steps, fast iteration.  Instead of trying to make a product perfect, entrepreneurs put an imperfect product on the market and see if there are customers.  Iterate quickly if there are customers, and "fail fast and fail cheap" if there are no customers so as to avoid bigger losses.  



Although the book talks about entrepreneurship and innovation, it is suitable for all working people to learn, because there are many thinking modes and scientific working methodology which worth us to learn.  Because of this, several colleagues from marketing, R&D and project management of our company made wonderful sharing.  They all start from the inspiration and resonance brought to their own work by a certain idea and a certain paragraph in the book. They talk about their own work and experience, and sort out their own working methods corresponding to the content in the book, enrich and improve it, and find the theoretical basis.  More importantly, they also analyzed that the methods introduced in the book are not completely applicable to all entrepreneurial projects, and are not "one-size-fits-all" truth. They dare to put forward their own opinions beyond the contents of the book.  

In order to have better understand of the book, we invited Dr. Wei Yanxiang, who is good at coaching entrepreneurship, to be our tutor.  Tutor Wei made comments on each colleague who shared their idea, especially affirming the opinions beyond the content of this book.  He also shared the seven ideas in the book, and was surprised and affirmed that Tingjiang, as a manufacturing enterprise, could hold such a high-quality reading club.  Image images  


"I will left alone and will study again after a hundred battles." More than a hundred years ago, Zeng Guopan wrote this pair of couplets to warn his brothers in the war years, do not forget to keep a calm heart to read, cultivate one's morality and cultivate one's character.  


Today's "Read again after hundreds of battles" is not only cultivate our morality, but we want to get into the habit of continuous learning to find a way to solve the confusion and problem in the market and work, summarize and rich our successful experience and curing down, go down, so that we can continuously improve our current business.






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