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Democratic appraisal to find the gap, study the history of Communist Party of China to enhance confidence

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The Party Committee of our company carried out organizational activities of the first quarter of 2021

In the season of spring, the party committee of our company held a general meeting of all party members on March 20th in accordance with the requirements of the superior party organization and the provisions of the basic management system of party members. Our party secretary Mr Huang Liangying presided over the meeting!  


The conference is divided into three parts

The first part is the work arrangement of the party committee of our company before July 1, 2021.  


A few days ago, the superior party organization required the current party members to deepen the study of “party history".  Our party committee immediately presented the "glorious Course" book to all party members, hope that we can understand the history deeply through the deep study and we can deeply understand that the Communist Party of China is worthy of core force of leading the Chinese revolution, construction and reform.  In the course of party history study and education, we should further understand and put into practice of Xi Jinping’s Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, strengthen the "four consciences", strengthen the "four self-confidence", and acheive the "two aspects". We should strengthen systematic study and grasp the essence of knowledge.  


At the meeting, all party members are required to regularly log in "Learning power" to study;  At the same time, also we were informed our company's main work this year, we have heavy work tasks, especially the development of new projects, hope that all party members can acheive excellent results and hand in a satisfactory answer sheet to the 100th anniversary of the Party.  


In the second part, party Secretary Huang Liangying led party members to study Xi Jinping's Important Speech at the Party History Study and Education Mobilization Conference and the CPC Central Committee's Notice on Launching Party History Study and Education throughout the Party. At the same time, they studied a section of Party history: Comprehensively governing the Party with strict discipline.  The requirements of the party history study and education of the various goals and tasks effectively into a common understanding and firm action, learning history to have better understanding, learning history to enhance the confidence, learning history to have high moral character, learning history to practice strongly, and strive to learn the history of the Party, understand ideas, do practical things, open a new situation.  Apply the study party history earnestly in the work and study, develop the vanguard and model effect of the party member.  

Subsequently, the conference launched a democratic evaluation of party members.  The activity of democratic evaluation of party members is to re-educate all party members. Through self-evaluation, democratic evaluation, organizational evaluation and organizational measures, the purpose is to motivate our party members, purify the organization and reorganize the team.  At the meeting, the relevant system regulations, evaluation principles, evaluation process and evaluation rank of party members were read out.  After democratic evaluation, promoted party members to help each other and make progress together.  

We will promote regular, institutionalized and standardized activities of intra-Party organizations, and timely communicate and study the latest requirements of higher-level Party organizations.  The meeting will also inform the company's business situation, so that we know what to do as party members and how to do.  

Through the speech of party member on the meeting, we believe that it will better promote the completion of the company's goals and tasks this year.  This activity achieved the expected purpose and achieved good results.


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