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Won the provincial "abide by contract and credit" honor

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Tingjiang was awarded "abide by contract and credit" honor

Honestyis the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation and the core of Chinese moral culture. There have been many discussions in ancient times, such as "a man without faithfulness cannot survive in the world", "a man without faithfulness cannot know what he can do" and so on.  In the modern sense, honesty is not only a moral requirement, a basic criterion for evaluating people, but also a golden principle for modern enterprises.  Business integrity means that enterprises should abide by laws and regulations in all activities of the market economy and win people’s trust.  In the market economy, the enterprise integrity has economic value, is the affirmation of the enterprise in the moral, legal and other aspects of the value, is an important part of the intangible assets of the enterprise.  "Good faith, science and technology" is the business philosophy which tingjiang has always abided by since its inception.  The culture of integrity has deeply rooted in the heart of every employee, and always adhere to win the trust of customers by integrity, reputation and quality, so that to win the development of the market.  Thirty-eight years as one day, never violated.  As a result, the company has won praise and appreciation from employees, customers, suppliers, government and partners.  From 1991 till now, our company was awarded  "keep contract and credit" title for more than 30 years.  


Thirty years of precipitation and accumulation laid the foundation for our company to win the provincial title of "Abiding by contract and honoring Credit". Therefore, our company declared the provincial title of "Abiding by Contract and honoring Credit" after sorting out and standardizing the relevant management regulations and materials according to the requirements of relevant documents, and obtained the approval. 

This award is not only a recognition of our achievements in contract performance and corporate integrity construction, but also helps enterprises to further enhance market competitiveness and enhance corporate brand image.  Integrity is the cornerstone of enterprise development, but also the intangible assets of the enterprise.  


This award is also the affirmation of our company that we have a good business efficiency and credit status, sound contract management system and contract management system  


Achievements belong to the past, we should take this as an opportunity to constantly improve the credit management system, improve the level of credit management, and further strengthen the responsibility of enterprise integrity, so that keeping promises and honoring credit and operating in accordance with the law always accompany the growth of enterprises, promote the continuous development of enterprises, and realize the vision of enterprises as soon as possible.


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