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Main effects of retanning with amino resin on product properties

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The anionic amino resin has good selective filling and very low convergence. It can improve the plumpness and compactness of the leather and obtain better physical properties for retanning chrome tann


Anionic amino resins have good selective fillibility and very low convergence, it will have following effects if we use for retanning chrome tanned leather:

1. Increase the fullness of leather, especially the fullness of the loose part of leather.

2. Make the grain surface of leather firm, smooth and wrinkle-free, and enhance its fall-resistance and softness.

3. It will not significantly weaken the characteristics of chrome tanned leather.

4. It can help vegetable tannin extract penetrate into leather, so that tannin load of grain surface can be significantly reduced.

5. Increase the evenness when dyeing with anionic dyes.

6. Amino resin has excellent light resistance and is suitable for light color and white leather.

7. Improve the grinding performance and embossing performance of leather.

8. The retanning with fully condensed amino resin has little effect on the physical properties such as the strength of the leather, and the physical and mechanical properties of the retanned leather will not change obviously after storage.

9. After retanning, the water absorption of leather will increase, especially after retanning with urea formaldehyde resin.

Using cationic amino resin tanning agent to retanning chrome tanned leather can increase the fullness of leather, improve the grinding performance of leather, fix vegetable tannin extract, aromatic synthetic tanning agent, anionic dye and fatliquoring agent, because of its fixing effect on anionic material, can improve the absorption rate of leather to anionic material and reduce the pollutants in waste liquid.


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