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Key Work of the Marketing System in the Second Half of 2017

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In the second half of 2017, environmental protection policies became increasingly strict, industry development was weak, market competition was more intense, and the company's business development faced great challenges.
In the second half of 2017, environmental protection policies became increasingly strict, industry development was weak, market competition was more intense, and the company's business development faced great challenges. In the face of challenges, it was necessary to achieve institutional efficiency and fundamentally change and resolve the deepening of development. contradiction. The second half of the marketing system must be implemented in three aspects: grasping three quantities, opening three meetings, and cultivating two kinds of people.
Grasp three quantities
1To increase the total volume: the market trend is extremely uncertain in the second half of the year, and the pressure on the policy is continuously pressurized. We may face a decline in the industry. The company must win the space and time for reform and innovation on the basis of the total amount of sales. Under the premise of ensuring the safety of payment, the marketing center gives strong support to the policies and operation methods of regional companies. In the third quarter, the responsible persons of various regions are required to lead the team, visit the key customers one by one, and implement them from house to house. The large-scale sales plan for the second half of the year, and complete the monthly sales breakdown plan, the responsibility is implemented to individuals.
2 Doing excellent increments: Resolutely implement two optimization tasks, fully promote the quality product strategy, improve quality and efficiency, and promote market work in a direction that is both good and fast.
1. The road to systematic development of large customer management
★ Sound development organization
★ Establish a large customer development supervision process
★ Give full play to the role of technology leader to improve the professional service level of the team
★Key customer development conference
2, the product goes into the boutique strategy, promotes customer development with star products, strengthens and expands in the market segmentation field, focuses on product selling points, cooperates with multiple industries across sectors, and gradually realizes the celebrity effect of brand products; in principle, a mature product launch One, not greedy and more refined!
★Acrylic project start
★ Degreaser A160 series special promotion work continues to be carried out in depth
★Increase special management, improve the quality of operation, and promote the deep development of the project
★ Clear project development goals, requirements from two-way indicators of sales and gross profit, and clear development requirements;
★ Standardize work discipline and implement online communication and progress tracking through WeChat platform;
★ Improve the assessment mechanism and encourage the rapid growth of the project.
3 live stocks
1. Repayment: For the long-age aging customers who have more than one year to implement the mandatory clean-up work, the book period compression work must be increased, the marketing center will regularly alert the notice, and the warning area will be given a warning or notice criticism according to the seriousness of the budget. Supervise the compression of accounts in each region. The prevention of risks continued to be strengthened. The focus was on the basic management of credit information. The marketing center irregularly checked the contract, reconciliation, bill recovery, credit and customer files regularly, and did not follow the norms to report serious criticism.
2. Inventory management: At present, the total inventory of the warehouses in the two places is huge. Some products are applied for scrapping applications in the near future. The marketing center will gradually introduce the backlog of product treatment plans. In principle, the backlog of scrapped products will be regarded as dead and dead accounts; Focus on: ★ strict ordering plan:
★ Backlog inventory is actively processed:
★ Strictly grasp the management of the warehouse;
Open three meetings
Management and Management Conference: Upgrade the North China Regular Meeting System to the Marketing System Management Conference, create a learning platform that is more competitive than academics, implement the monthly performance competition of the operators, and record the results in the annual appraisal file of the responsible person, and implement the reward and punishment!
Product project special meeting: Regularly hold product project meetings, track work progress, analyze development problems, and supervise work completion quality.
Specialized expansion meetings for major clients and key customers.
Train two people
The selection and training of reserve talents for enterprises is very important. It is the condition for determining the sustainable development of enterprises. In the future, it will be inlined to supplement the shortage of talented teams and continuously optimize the quality and combat effectiveness of existing teams. The leaders of the cadres put forward higher requirements in this respect, and the training of reserve cadres must be effective.
Strengthen the construction of cadres
★ Set the standard for promoting cadres;
★ Establish a review committee;
★ Strengthen the management of cadres. In one sentence, it is said that "the teacher is king, the friend is the hegemony, the perpetrator is dead"!
★ Implement the last management and divert the incompetent.
Strengthen backbone culture.
1. Strengthen the status of applied technology, cultivate the backbone of technical services, and build a high-quality cross-regional professional service team with old and new;
2. Business-oriented backbone training is carried out simultaneously, selecting business talents, releasing vitality, and creating a platform for business elites.

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