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Business Vision

Business Vision

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Business Vision---Committed to becoming a world-class supplier of new materials and application technology leader
On the strategic positioning
The company is committed to become a world-class supplier of leather chemicals, integrated marketing company, integrated resource technology, services, management and culture and advantages, build customer service - product development - providing system solutions as the core of the organization, implemented to meet the personalized service based on competitive strategy to achieve the company became the first brand in the industry, accounted for the highest share of the domestic market and has a strategic goal of strong international competitiveness.
On staff training
Companies adhere to the "Germany first, their talent," employing the principles and management philosophy; "identity company, recognition of self-harmony" as a common code of conduct for employees, formed a "equality, justice, innovation, democracy" as the basic connotation organizational ethics, "professionalism, communication, self-discipline" as the basic content of the dominant opinion, enhance the sense of responsibility of employees, communication and collaboration skills, promote team spirit to achieve "development of enterprise development people" human resource management objectives.
Our dream
“To "bring progress for the industry people" and "work together to create and share the results" as the core, to create cooperative enterprises, science and technology enterprise, innovation and enterprise. Strengthen the organizational construction, improve organizational efficiency, activating tissue, activating employees. Production-class products, provide first-class service, created a first-class brand, cultivate first-class talent, build first-class enterprise, first-class contribution to make.
Our guiding principle
 "People-oriented, honest-oriented" business ethics and the "technology leader" scientific spirit of seeking the industry's progress and create value for society, for the nation to contribute to staff development and well-being and strive to provide customers with high-quality technical services and high-tech products, and promote customer development.

“Leather chemical materials is the soul of the tanning industry. New Material Co., Ltd., Sichuan Tingjiang in the past 30 years and continue to create and promote the use of advanced leather chemical materials, the rapid development of China's leather industry has made important contributions; in our great country towards the leather tanning power today, the whole industry will undoubtedly be sent to the expectations Tingjiang company!”
China Engineering Academy, leather cleaning, director of National Engineering Laboratory, Sichuan UniversityShi Bi
“Carefully developed, will achieve the goal. Tingjiang new wood products will help enhance the leather industry, the quality is quite excellent。”

-----Taiwan's East Red tanning Group Chairman: Shi Rongchuan
“Taiwan's East Red tanning Group Chairman Shi Rongchuan。”

-----Fujian Industrial Leather Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. Vice Chairman (Executive Vice President): Cai Bi construction


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